bi and straight women are only welcome in my radical feminism if:

  • you actively oppose lesbophobia
  • you understand the privilege that comes from being sexually available to men
  • you prioritise your sisters over your nigels
  • you understand that men aren’t welcome in feminism

#5 You understand you aren’t entitled to my support, though I am happy to give it. I will not coddle you.

Secwepemc Women Warriors Against Imperial Metals

The Mt Polley mine disaster dumped 5 million tons of toxic waste into two life-giving rivers. The company responsible, Imperial Metals, has a record of exploiting indigenous people, their land and water. Secwepemc women are fighting back. You can help. 

How many of you will scrape out your piggy banks to support unnecessary plastic or genital surgery for petit-bourgeois white males crying ‘dysphoria’, or for ‘outreach work’ for the liberation of non-human animals, but not for indigenous women warriors fighting for the future of the land you’ve colonized and are occupying right now?

Do it. Donate now, and help spread the word.

Stockholm Syndrome: Unequal Power Relationships

In an act of self-delusion, the victim of Stockholm Syndrome develops conditions in order to reassure themselves they will be protected or cared for. By creating a false emotional attachment and seeking praise and approval of their captor, they attempt to make a false reality for themselves, in which no harm can come to them. And by defending and/or protecting their captors from police or anyone who “comes to the rescue,” they allow themselves to appear as if they have some control in a relationship which they really have no power. The value of their lives, which the captor grants, is seen as a sign of affection or love, and the captive wishes to reciprocate in order to maintain their own position at that time. By accepting a level of objectification that one should reject as a matter of basic human dignity, hostages or captives weaken their ability to control their emotions. This allows themselves to become malleable, thus becoming easily susceptible to the whims of their captors, and creates this unbalanced relationship of attachment between the captor and the captive.

excerpt, Stockholm Syndrome: Unequal Power Relationships, by Katina Krasnec 


Postmodern dudes:


postmodern dudes who want to “fuck with femininity” as revolutionary praxis. well, it’s not yours to fuck with. idc what judith butler said. you’re not being sensitive to the historical significance of gender and the harms that it has caused females for centuries. it’s offensive. we can show that gender is socially constructed without mocking a class of people ie females socialized into womanhood. it’s just annoying. like. fuck oFffffff. you get to choose it for fun meanwhile I suffered through it/was cheated out of yrs of self-cultivation thinking it was a natural part of myself, as all females do. I want gender destroyed (ie. individuals would not be socialized based on sex), not “subverted” by perpetuating masculinity and femininity and performing it ironically. objects and practices associated womanhood (beauty practices, highheels, etc) are impractical, require self-policing and self-objectification and I want them to exist only as artifacts of an oppressive past.

I feel like the only reason some thirdwave feminists and postmodern dudes aren’t critical of beauty practices and femininity and seek to perpetuate them is because they are consumed by spectacle. they can’t imagine living in a world of equals where image and projection didn’t inform desire and where desire stems from actually **knowing** the person and desiring them for who they **are** vs how they look and who they appear to be. so females will conform to fuckability mandates and call it empowerment (bc being empowered= being desirable, when in reality this desirability isn’t respect, it is based on image and is objectifying). power dynamics, image and projection excite the men. it’s all very shallow. ………….